I was never athletic as a child or teenager, but in 2011 I fell in love with movement through the practice of yoga. I've since completed two yoga teacher trainings (RYT-200) and have spent at least a year training movement disciplines beyond yoga - circus arts, aerial fitness, handbalancing, and dance, to name a few. Today I teach handstands and partner acrobatics at Veda Yoga Center and continue training in various forms of movement.

Interested in private coaching with me? I'm available for free sessions throughout Los Angeles and (occasionally) the rest of the world. You can subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to learn of my whereabouts and latest promotions.

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I have been creating artful images of my friends in various movement disciplines since 2015, improving my style and sense of taste year over year. You can see my photographic journey through my @nyamaste profile.

Like my style and want to see yourself in images like these? I do active photography - yoga, dance, acrobatics. I'm available for free shoots in Los Angeles and (occasionally) the rest of the world. You can subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to learn of my whereabouts and latest promotions.

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DevOps: Development and Operations

I've graduated with Computer Science degree from UCLA and have been working in DevOps field since 2011. Aside from helping my employer design, develop, and maintain AWS-based infrastructure and services, I've participated in on-call duties and have extensively worked remotely and outside of normal office hours. My specialties in this field include infrastructure automation, monitoring and log delivery, continuous delivery, cost optimization, and security.

In 2014-15 I've developed a Python-based Reddit altcointip bot, at the height of golden rush in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This is the only freely-available and completely functional open-source project of its kind.

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Highlights of what's published under @nyamaste account.

Need My Help?

If you'd like my help in the areas of movement, photography, or DevOps - here are some details. If you think I might be the right person to help you, please use the contact links below to drop me a note!

Movement and Fitness

I sometimes teach (and always practice) handstands and inversions of all sorts. Take my classes (when available) at Veda Yoga Center and ask me about free one-on-one instruction.

Photography and Art

Photography and movement are my two passions - let's create art together. Tell me about your idea.

DevOps and IT

I help with infrastructure automation and monitoring, log delivery, cloud cost analysis and reduction, continuous delivery (CD), and application performance testing. Platforms: AWS and GCP (Google Cloud), Docker, Elasticsearch, and all things Linux.